As we go to press, the Heathrow Expansion masterplan has been released for consultation and we await the next person to be appointed Prime Minister. The likely incumbent will be far too busy scheming his demolition of the EU withdrawal agreement and devising a cunning plan to win the next general election to find any time to lie in front of the bulldozers. Nor does it seem likely that he will have the whole shebang moved to an artificial island in the Thames Estuary. The exposure risk to passing Iranian gunboats will serve as an entirely unforseen good reason to abandon his previous ambitious plan.

As our very own erudite MP prepares to retreat to the constituency and maintain her presence as a back bencher in the Commons, the Beeb managed to display spectacular incompetence in selecting dubious members of the public to question candidates for the Prime Ministership ‘debate’ or squabble, more accurately.  

It is alleged that the man in charge was formerly the BBC news editor who produced the helicopter zoomed coverage of the South Yorkshire Police raid on poor old Cliff Richards’ drawers in his Ascot apartment. As they might say at Eton a Harry Shambles of epic proportions. The currently leading contender must also be hoping that his lawyers will be able to protect his chances with respect to his inconvenient neighbour.

This edition sets out the classes for entries in the Village Show, which is set to take place on 14 September. This year sees the novel idea of a scarecrow competition open for entry by all residents and where possible using recyclable materials. Entries will be on display, hopefully, all around the parish on the day, ready for judging. Sounds like fun.

If residents and  / or readers would like to make donations to our ancient Village Charities to discretely help people who are in need, please note that the payment website has been changed. All the details can be found on page 23. It’s a noble thing to do. The Charities welcome legacies, should you feel the inclination to leave one in your will as a generous reflection of your love for the village, your fellow beings and your life in times in our community..

Unlike 2018, June has been pretty much of a cool and grey washout, the jetstream having trapped low pressure over our enchanted isle. We can only hope that Wimbledon, Henley Regatta and most importantly the Cricket Club 80s and 90s musical rave on 12 July fare better.

Nick Kendal - Editor, The Lych Gate