More Parish Notes from John the Ticket

Well once again the organisers of the Village Fete had yet another success under their belt. Weather was sort of OK with a couple of showers damping down a little bit. Some of my chums were running the Burger bar. Two out back rendering themselves cooking sausages, chicken and burgers. Three lovely ladies first collecting money and two serving up the grub. I noticed very busy all the time I was at the Fete. Well done you five.  Many other stalls doing very well. I hope this year was a successful as in previous years. My sister over from France appreciated all the efforts from all those involved in the Fete.

Talking of my little sister we have just had a lovely week in Majorca. Ann comes over to me a couple of times a year and we go on holiday together. Much better than me going alone. Downside (and don’t tell Ann) she talks me to death. Rented an apartment in C’an Pastila spent a week on the beach and spent loads of dosh eating out each evening. Just like the good old days with Jenny.

That nice Boris seems to be on the way to be the leader of the Conservative party. Imagine the scene where our leader meets the leader of the good old US of A. Could be Just as bad if that nice Jeremy Corbin won the (soon to come) election. Sad to say it seems to me that both the Tory and Labour parties have some serious issues in choosing their leader. Anyway, relations with the US seem to have a few problems at present. Hopefully will not lead to problems worldwide (Iran for example).

While I enjoyed a week in Palma it seems the rest of our Parish was inundated with lots and lots of rainfall. It seems to have continued since I got home. It will be interesting to see the figures for precipitation (big word where did I get that) when they are published. The one thing that has prospered in the garden has been the WEEDS. I seem to spend so much time on hands and knees pulling or digging up plants (weeds) that are in the wrong place. I hope to start using home grown spuds as I write this. To be followed shortly by other vegetables. One piece of advice for you if you like raspberries be careful where you plant. They seem to have roots that grow outwards and spring up new shoots from the roots. So you get new raspberry canes popping up all over the place. A new kind of weed.

I look forward to attending the Parish Council meeting on the 9th of July. Hope to see few of you there.

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not those of anyone else.     

John Birkett