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A wonderful afternoon in perfect conditions was enjoyed by the residents (and friends) of Shurlock Row and Waltham St. Lawrence in this annual and close fought match.

Seven 4 ball games were played out and despite an early lead from SR, WSL were level after the sixth. The match was won by the final putt, on the last hole, of the last match! Shurlock Row regaining the trophy, happily received by captain Phil Lawler from Waltham St. Lawrence captain, Steve Jackson.

The Waltham St Lawrence Charities have for over 400 years existed to help people in need who live within the parish.  

  • Qualifying older residents receive a winter payment and get help with transport and other benefits.
  • Younger residents can apply for grants for further education or training.  
  • Any application to support a charitable purpose within the parish will be considered by the trustees.

If you would like to donate to this worthwhile community cause, your donation can be made by BACS payment to Account No: 70321648, sort code 20-39-53 (account in the name of Waltham St Lawrence Charities at Barclays Bank, Henley-on-Thames); or by cheque made out in favour of the Waltham St Lawrence Charities and sent to Nick Kohl, the Treasurer, at 1 Paddock View, Broadmoor Road, Waltham St Lawrence, Berks RG10 0RF; or a donation can be made on-line at:-

or rather more simply with the short link

[Or scan this QR code on the right using your phone and a QR code app (Webmaster)]

Important - Your donation can qualify for Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer.
On-line donors can add this when paying on the Wonderful org site.
Gift aid forms can be obtained from Nick Kohl as above if preferred (tel: 0118 934 3629).

If you want to leave a legacy in your will to the Charities, please contact Richard Sykes at Coltmans, The Street, Waltham St Lawrence, Berks RG10 0JJ (tel: 0118 934 3228).

Many thanks!
The Trustees

Here comes the next controversy for our idyllic country domain. We seem to get one significant impact or threat each decade (Some will recall the plan to construct an M4 motorway services by Shurlock Row) . As we approach the tenth anniversary of the travellers’ illegal intrusion into Shurlock Road, which took eight years to expunge, there are now just 12 weeks for statutory consultation for the newly released Heathrow expansion masterplan. Given a go-ahead, it is projected that the new full length runway will be operational in just seven years time (in 2026).    

For nearly two years now I have been taking bookings and sorting the money out for Neville Hall, and over the past few months there has been a lady who books it to run a "Produce Market".  It seemed quite an entrepreneurial venture to try, and I wished her luck with her monthly Saturday morning slot..Although the promoting of the Market was slow to start, it has continued.

Little did I know that Angela Sherwood had such a big heart. Yesterday when she came round to pay her dues for using the hall, she gave me two extra envelopes both heavy with coins. "Just something for the Church and the Wednesday Club" she said, "We ran a little collection".  Wow, it made me stop and appreciate just how thoughtful and generous people can be. So a big thank you to Angela.

John Kiss

Following the advertisement in May’s Lychgate to find a successor to Mark Hipgrave to wind the church clock, we are delighted to report that no less than 5 residents volunteered. Working on a ‘first come, first served basis’, Marc Burns, an employee of David Brownlow, has been installed as the new winder. Steve Wildsmith has agreed to stand in when Marc is not available – and there are three others waiting in the wings, if required. Many thanks to all of them for putting their names forward.


[Meanwhile, thanks to the vast and ancient Yew tree, the only house that can actually see the clock is Chantry Cottage, and then only with some difficulty as the hands are not clearly painted.  Is this right or are there any others?  Any abseiling decorators in the parish?  Webmaster]

As we go to press, the Heathrow Expansion masterplan has been released for consultation and we await the next person to be appointed Prime Minister. The likely incumbent will be far too busy scheming his demolition of the EU withdrawal agreement and devising a cunning plan to win the next general election to find any time to lie in front of the bulldozers. Nor does it seem likely that he will have the whole shebang moved to an artificial island in the Thames Estuary. The exposure risk to passing Iranian gunboats will serve as an entirely unforseen good reason to abandon his previous ambitious plan.

More Parish Notes from John the Ticket

Well once again the organisers of the Village Fete had yet another success under their belt. Weather was sort of OK with a couple of showers damping down a little bit. Some of my chums were running the Burger bar. Two out back rendering themselves cooking sausages, chicken and burgers. Three lovely ladies first collecting money and two serving up the grub. I noticed very busy all the time I was at the Fete. Well done you five.  Many other stalls doing very well. I hope this year was a successful as in previous years. My sister over from France appreciated all the efforts from all those involved in the Fete.

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