Parish Helpers

The parish helpers listed below have been allocated to cover each area of the village and can be contacted for help or support in times of special need.

They are able to offer practical help (eg. with transport, hospital visits, shopping, etc.), a friendly face and a listening ear. They may also be able to suggest other sources of help and support if needed.


Polly Pollecut 07850 170242 The Street, Waltham St Lawrence
Alan & Joan Stanton 934 3592 Milley Road
Chris Howell 934 9439 Neville Close
Gina Hipgrave

07887 526716 

Halls Lane
Viv McCallum 934 1820 Halls Lane
Ann & Ronnie Yearsley 934 0615 Twyford Rd, Mire Lane 
& Sue Burridge 934 3374 Twyford Rd, Mire Lane
Pam Wolstenholme 934 3207 Sill Bridge Lane
Rosemary Titford 934 3313 Shurlock Rd
Prue Williams 934 3246 Downfield Rd + houses opposite, to Sh.Row crossroads
Linda Sykes 934 3228 Broadmoor Rd, Paddock View, Pool Lane
Linda James 934 3310 Straight Mile, Binfield Rd.
Francesca Williams 934 4345 Beenhams, Martins Lane, Callins Lane
Christopher King 934 3783 The Street, Shurlock Row
Elaine White 934 3461 School Rd, Brook Lane
Bran Mellors 9321844 Plough Lane, Baileys Lane, West End Rd
Hannah Lyman 07713 323116 Hungerford Lane, Wicks Lane

 Updated March 2016