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Neville Hall Waltham St Lawrence

Site Visits (9am Neville Hall) Meeting date (7pm Neville Hall)


3rd December 2022 6th December 2022
2023 2023
7th January 2023 10th January 2023
4th February 2023 7th February 2023
4th March 2023 4th March 2023
1st April 2023 1st April 2023
  25th April 2023
  Thursday 4th May Parish Council Elections
13th May 2023 16th May 2023
3rd June 2023 6th June 2023
1st July 2023 4th July 2023
5th August 2023 8th August 2023
2nd September 2023 5th September 2023
7th October 2023 10th October 2023
4th November 2023 7th November 2023
2nd December 2023 5th December 2023



Residents have asked for pointers on how to use the RBWM online reporting and query system. 

You can use it amongst other things to report overgrown verges, missing or damaged road signs, problems with rubbish collections and so on.

Instructions on how to use the system in 9 easy steps are posted here