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At WSL Church there is a said (BCP) Holy Communion service every Sunday at 8.45am
and our main service in church at 10am (or 10.30 on 3rd "Cafe" Sundays).

Shottesbrooke Church has Holy Communion every 1st Sunday at 8:45am and Morning Prayer every 3rd Sunday at 8:45am.

A monthly online service is held via Zoom at 6pm on third Sundays;

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June 2024



Service etc

Sidesmen etc

2nd Jun


Holy Communion (BCP, hymns) Shottesbrooke with Phil Watts

Trinity 1


Reading: Jeremiah 6.16-21 Catherine S

Reading: Romans 9.1-13 Jacquie H




All Age Service
with Phil Watts - 'Zachaeus the Tax Collector'

Camilla B



Hymns: HON 380, 133a, 228

Reading: Luke 19.1-10 Junior Reader




Choral Evensong with Graham Theobald

Bertie G-S



Hymns: AMNS 126 10 149 6 Ps 34.1-15

Introit: Jerusalem is built - Walker

Resp: Smith (LP Stone)     Setting: Dyson in D

Anthem: Greater Love - Ireland (OUP-ECM2)

Reading: Jeremiah 5.1-19 Tony B

Reading: Romans 7.7- end Pat W

Int: Christopher K

9th Jun


Holy Communion (BCP) with Graham Theobald

David C-B

Trinity 2


Parish Communion with Graham Theobald




Hymns: AMNS 118, 100, 336, 202

Anthem: From the rising of the sun - Ouseley (AFC)

Reading: 2 Corinthians 4.13-5.1 MJ S

Reading: Mark 3.20-35 David C-B

Int: Chris W

Svr: David C-B

16th Jun
Trinity 3


Morning Prayer (BCP, hymns) Shottesbrooke
with Phil Watts - 'Roaring Lions'




Reading: 1 Peter 5.5b-11 Richard S

Reading: Luke 15.1-10 John S




Parish Communion (Shorter) with Phil Watts

Ann-Marie McE



Hymns: HON 322 270 392

Anthem: O Lord my God - Wesley (NCA)

Reading: Luke 15.1-10 Prue W

Int: Roger H

Svr: Chris W



Evening Worship online




Reading: Romans 9.14-26 Simon Shaw

Int: Chris W

23rd Jun


Holy Communion (BCP) with Graham Theobald

Angela S

Trinity 4


St Lawrence Cafe (Neville Hall)




Parish Communion with Graham Theobald




Hymns: AMNS 115, 212, 106, 205

Anthem: O thou who at thy Eucharist - Wöldike (OEA)

Reading: 2 Corinthians 6.1-13 Rupert McG

Reading: Mark 4.35-41 MJ S

Int: Rob L

Svr: Linda S

30th Jun


Holy Communion (BCP) with Roy Burgess


Trinity 5


Sung Matins with Roy Burgess

John & Ann S



Hymns: AMNS 133, 317, 413 Ps 130

Settings: Ven (22), Te Deum (Oakley), Bndcts (Shaw)

Anthem: Pray thet Jerusalem - Stanford (NCA)

Reading: 2 Samuel 1.1, 17-27 Rosemary McG

Reading: 2 Corinthians 8.7-15 John S

Int: Fiona P


The Services Planner is an online sheet with draft service information for up to three months ahead.

It can be viewed here:  Services Planner

On a mobile device it is best viewed using the Google Sheets app.

Those responsible for the various rotas etc. can edit it - if you do a duty swap please inform the person responsible so it can be kept up to date.

Service info and clergy cover - Fiona P
Sidesmen - Andrew C or David C-B
Readings and Readers - Ann S
Intercessions - Chris W
Servers and Music - Simon S