More Parish Notes from John the Ticket

As I am sure you are all aware of the Notre Dame fire in Paris. It is so sad to see such a magnificent Cathedral on fire. The plans for rebuilding now under discussion and fund raising has taken off with hundreds of millions Euros pledged towards the rebuilding costs. Brings back memories of the fire at Winsor Castle some time ago. I have been to Notre Dame a few times. First was on a school exchange visit in 1958. Also did the regulars Eifel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Louvre and so on. Not greatly appreciated at the time but pleased to have seen the sights.


Brexit in out shake it all about. Extension now seems to be another word for whenever. Political parties in a mess. They cannot agree what to do. Public at large getting very fed up with both the main parties. Enough on that subject.

By now I suspect you know we have a new Parish Council commencing in May. Four councillors have stood down including me. Four new names in the hat. All seven elected unopposed. Personally I would have liked eight or more names in the hat so that an election does take place. The upside is that the Parish does not have to pay election costs (about £4K). I have always believed that if you are elected after a vote it does give a bit more legitimacy to your position.

It is nice to have a big house, big garden, posh cars, foreign holidays and so on. But be careful what you wish for. I always wanted a large garden. My first was a postage stamp sized patch that came with my first property, a two bedroom flat. The second was about a third of an acre with a three bed semi in suburbia. Now the third is an acre with my two bed bungalow in this lovely Parish. I am reaching that stage in life when it is problematic keeping up an acre of ground.


A few weeks ago on a Friday evening BBC4 (tele) had a wonderful music night. Many famous artists including Karen Carpenter, Burt Bacharach, Andy Williams, Feliciano and others. One of the best “Friday Night is Music Night” that I have listened to. Seems that the Beeb has music night on both BBC4 TV and BBC Radio 2 on Fridays.

Now for a little bit of nonsense that may lead to an article of interest in forthcoming magazine(s). Roman ruins have been found deep beneath London. Does this mean that our island(s) are getting bigger or all the mountains shrinking? Any geologists out there to explain. May make an interesting article for next month’s Lych Gate.

The statement below needs amending. Any suggestions?

Remember as always my views ARE MY OWN and not necessarily those of the Parish Council or anyone else.     

John Birkett