May would normally bring us our local election of candidates standing for the Parish Council. However with seven good folk standing for the seven available positions no election will be required. In this edition, Maggi Bevan has provided an excellent summary of the work done by the current Parish Council team over the last four years in office.

It’s an impressive list of achievements for what are so often unsung good efforts on all our behalves. We should be grateful. It is important that we residents care for our village as a whole rather than merely our own self-interests and we have been well served in this. Without these and many other voluntary efforts, our community might become a soulless dormitory for commuters who barely know or care about their neighbours’ interests.


Your editor offers special thanks to Maggi for the value of her diligent reports for The Lych Gate over the last four years, suspecting that residents have never before been provided with so much clear information about the work of the Council and the many issues they have had to face. It is to be hoped that the upcoming team will continue the excellence of her communication quality.

It’s a sobering thought that our church of Saint Lawrence was constructed starting in the same era as Notre Dame in Paris in the 12th Century AD. The shock of just three hours of fiery destruction ruining so much of the historic fabric must act as a reminder to ensure that we take care to secure our treasured buildings against such a risk. Given recent conflagrations such as the disaster at Grenfell Tower one might think that the provision of high pressure pipes to high elevations for rapid projection of water onto the roofing and walls could be a simple and relatively inexpensive aid to reduce the damage to life and fabric when fires start to rage.


Brexisn’t - your editor was tickled pink by a news item shown on Have I got News for You. A couple stocking up on long life foods in their attic were interviewed and asked why they were doing this. They replied that they were concerned their supermarket might run out of Coconut Milk - so wonderfully British.

This edition has been delivered to your door along with raffle tickets for The Summer Fête. Activity is warming up towards what will be the 29th fête since we started the current series with a garden party in what was then the vicarage gardens off Halls Lane. Collections will be underway for the bottle and no bottle tombolas for which details are within these pages.