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Waltham St Lawrence Junior Choir

Has been running for over 30 years now, giving local children a chance to learn performing skills and confidence, and to contribute to our local community.

We sing at church every 1st Sunday of the month, as well as at fetes, weddings... and our Christmas Nativity is legendary!

Join us every Thursday in the Neville Hall 6-7pm during term time if you are 5-11 years old.

When you are ready, you can join the church “Middle Choir”, for all children 8+ who want to sing some more, on Thursdays 7.15-7.45pm

For more information contact:


(It all makes work for the working man to do)

I have been bemused, baffled, bewildered and any other be…… in my dealings with BT over the past few weeks.   Having read John the Ticket's comments on his experience with BT in a recent edition of the Lych Gate I thought that I might just share, or bore you, with my surreal experience.

Last month I rattled on about the possibility of a public open space just off the Shurlock Road. Now John has made a boo boo as I may have given the impression there will be a vote. This is not the case. The PC will be consulting people of the Parish and ask that you indicate your opposition or support for the proposal. Should there be a majority in opposition the matter will (I think) end there. If the majority is in favour then the PC will have to come to some sort of conclusion with RBWM. Public Open Meeting on the afternoon of 7th October 2017. Call for opinions on the afternoon of 21st October 2017 or the evening of 24th October 2017 (all in the Neville Hall. Ed).

Hopefully, our readers have been enjoying the “Silly Season” For the uninitiated, this is the mid-July through August period when most of the politicians disappear to their bases or go away on holiday. The newspapers then fill up with often many more interesting and amusing articles than their usual fare and to a lesser extent so do television schedules and news.


Report for 2016 to Annual Parish Meeting

The Charities' principal asset, as many of you will know, is the Bell Inn.   Given in trust for the benefit of the village more than 400 years ago, the Bell was already a 200 year old building at the time it was given.   So it's a building that needs looking after, and in 2016 the Bell involved the trustees in a good deal of both time and expenditure.   This included the Quinquennial (Five Yearly) Report on Condition of the Bell carried out by our architect, Mr. Ian Angus of Carden & Godfrey, a Quinquennial Electrical Survey, the negotiation of a new lease to Scott and Iain Ganson, the external redecoration of the Bell and the carrying out of various external repairs to it.   The building is looking better than it has done for many years and is hopefully in a structural condition which will preserve it for many years to come.

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