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My dear Friends

At this point in the Christian year, the Passion narrative is still fairly fresh in our minds, including Jesus’ words from the cross: “It is finished”. We rejoice in what is a victory cry – his unique atoning work, taking away the sins of the world, is accomplished. We rehearse this fact in the words of the consecration prayer at every 8.45 am communion service: “... who made there (by his one oblation of himself once offered) a full, perfect and sufficient sacrifice, oblation and satisfaction for the sins of the whole world…” You kind of get the feeling, don’t you, that the authors of that prayer didn’t want us to miss the point about completeness!

More Parish Notes from John the Ticket

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As I am sure you are all aware of the Notre Dame fire in Paris. It is so sad to see such a magnificent Cathedral on fire. The plans for rebuilding now under discussion and fund raising has taken off with hundreds of millions Euros pledged towards the rebuilding costs. Brings back memories of the fire at Winsor Castle some time ago. I have been to Notre Dame a few times. First was on a school exchange visit in 1958. Also did the regulars Eifel Tower, Sacre Coeur, Louvre and so on. Not greatly appreciated at the time but pleased to have seen the sights.

The Lantern

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It was a warm day, but I felt cold inside. I was alone. The rushing river and the song of birds didn’t indulge me like it usually did. My rod didn’t seem to aid me with fish, just the occasional boot. Tired and confused, dazed and grumpy, I reeled in yet another fruitless catch.

A soft “pit-a-pat-a” of feet interrupted my drifting thoughts. Perplexed, I twirled around. My eyes greeted an astonishing sight. There before me was an immaculate angel. She wore a spotless, white robe and a petite halo perched upon her head. But the most peculiar thing about her was the dusty lantern which she dragged along the ground.

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May would normally bring us our local election of candidates standing for the Parish Council. However with seven good folk standing for the seven available positions no election will be required. In this edition, Maggi Bevan has provided an excellent summary of the work done by the current Parish Council team over the last four years in office.

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