(Presented at The Parish Annual Meeting)

Another successful year for the Trust. Income after all expenses for the year ending 31st March 2017 was £10,097.12. Income well up so were expenses.

  • The management team are in the process of installing wifi in the Hall. Hopefully this may encourage additional rentals. If there is no or little take up the situation will be reviewed in two years.
  • The second upstairs office has been refurbished and let. The silver band has relocated elsewhere in the Hall with a secure site for storing uniforms.
  • Hopefully you will have noticed that the chairs have been cleaned. They were beginning to look tired.
  • We are also in the process of replacing some of the lighting with more modern LED lights.
  • The two large heaters in the main hall are still an ongoing problem we hope to have sorted before winter. One headache is should we refurbish existing heaters or replace. The problem is if refurbished and it does not lessen the noise we would then have to replace them.
  • The flower beds round the Hall have been cleaned out and replanted. A DCB wish has come true. Looks good David.
  • My fund raising team are still in action but we realise the need for fund raising is now a lot less than it was. However we still intend to have a couple of events annually. The first will be this autumn. Watch LychGate for details. Our object will now be more social but bottom line of course is that it must make just a little money for the Hall (and not a loss). In this last year we did manage to contribute £1,000.00 to the Hall.
  • As stated last year I repeat my thanks to the management team who are DCB, Serena Bowe, Nigel Backer, Rick Marshall and Mark Hipgrave. They have taken a big load off the Trustees who are still ultimately responsible for the Hall. Thank you folks.
  • Finally if you are looking to hold an event please consider hiring the Neville Hall.

I also have to thank all those who have attended the various functions held in the Hall.

John Birkett, Chair of the Neville Hall Trustees