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Services - November 2017

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Date Time Service Sidesmen etc.
5th Nov 8.45am Holy Communion (Said, BCP) Andrew Campbell
All Saints 10am All-age Service with Baptism John & Ann Skidmore
All Souls   Songs: (HON) 73, sheet, 405, 510  
    Reading: James 1.22-27 Junior Reader  
  6pm Choral Evensong Pat Woodford
    Setting: Fauxbourdon - Andreas  Resp: Smith Intercessor:
    Introit: Holy is the True Light – Harris Chris Woodhams
    Anthem: My Soul, there is a Country - Parry  
    Hymns: (AMNS) 182, 238, 305 Ps 148 (ch19)  
    Reading: Jeremiah 1.4-12 Roger Sparrow  
    Reading: Acts 22.3-21 Diarmid Williams  
12th Nov 8.45am Holy Communion (Said, BCP) Lisa Grandin
Remembrance 9.45am Remembrance Sunday Service Bertie Gilbart-Smith
Sunday   Anthem: For the Fallen – Guest Intercessor:
    Hymns: as per service sheet Christopher King
    Reading: Micah 4.1-5 Bertie Gilbart-Smith  
    Reading: 1 Peter 2.13-17 Tony Boyd  
  10.45am Service at the War Memorial  
19th Nov 8.45am Holy Communion (Said, BCP) David Crawley-Boevey
2 before 9.30am St Lawrence Café (Neville Hall): All Welcome!  
Advent 10.30am Morning Worship Tony Boyd
    Introit: God be in my Head – Walford-Davies  
    Anthem: Lord I Trust Thee – Handel Intercessor:
    Hymns: (AMNS) 214, 150, 241 Chris Woodhams
    Reading: Psalm 10.1-4,14-18 Christopher King  
26th Nov 8.45am Holy Communion (Said, BCP) Pam Wolstenholme
Christ the 10am Parish Communion Christopher King
King   Introit: Adoramus Te, Christe – Palestrina  
    Anthem: The King Of Love – Somervell Intercessor:
    Hymns: (AMNS) 345, 114, 262, 139 Vaughan Wickins
    Reading: Revelation 5.1-7 Prue Williams Server:
    Reading: John 5.19-29 David Crawley-Boevey Chris Woodhams